• Helping you achieve your next level of success


    Your organization is thriving, whether your structure is for-profit, non-profit, education, government or another alternative.


    You’ve reached a satisfying level of success. Your customers recognize the value you deliver through repeat patronage and referrals. You consistently deliver a positive experience. You’ve established and refined procedures to support your growth.  You’ve increased efficiency and productivity in your operations.


    You are ready to approach the next level of refinement and productivity, and you’ve determined that tools you use are ripe for improvement — that they are not appropriately suited to your needs. They hold you back. They have reached the limits of their contribution.


    You could continue operating with your current tools and methods, but you know from past experience that making improvements supports positive growth. Perhaps you’ve been investigating — asking around, comparing notes with your peers, demoing products in your field. Perhaps you’ve committed to some new tool and discovered after significant investment, that a tool is inadequate, or just not suited to the way you do business.


    You’ve invested your time and possibly financial resources toward finding new tools to support your success. But there are so many options, and the best are expensive. At times the search feels random and unproductive. No solution has been investigated or tried that is a good fit for what you need.


    You know your business and will not abandon the methods you have devised without good reason — they are the foundation of your success. You might even consider the specifics of ‘how you do business’ to be a prime factor in your success -- your competitive advantage.


    You will commit to new tools or methods when you  are convinced they will bear fruit.


    You are ready to invest in outside resources to help identify and implement options to support your continued success.


    If the above description in some way reflects your experience, you may find value in enlisting my assistance as a Systems Analyst, and possibly as a developer of a custom database application to suit your specific needs.


     Please reach out — tell me the story of your success — and let’s begin a conversation.


  • Proven qualities for a productive working relationship


    It’s important to find a good match when seeking assistance to specify, identify and implement new technology to support your success. The following characteristics describe the type of client and relationship which I have found to be a good match for the way I approach my work.


    My most successful clients have demonstrated the following qualities and proclivities. If the following do not describe how you would like to work, I am probably not going to be a good fit:


    • You can articulate the specifics of how you do business, and have some idea of the needs you want a solution to provide.
    • You are capable of maintaining an interactive, iterative process with someone helping you look for, and/or define and build, a solution.
    • You have the time and/or staff to walk through your processes and procedures, to review the tools and methods that have led to your success, and to describe both what is working and what areas you feel could use improvement.
    • You have the time and/or staff to work on describing the requirements for a tool that would meet your needs.
    • You are open to suggestions for refining or altering your methods if the suggestions support increased clarity, efficiency, or productivity in your operations.
    • You and your staff are available to provide feedback on work in progress, what I might not have fully understood.
    • You and/or your staff can invest in validating the requirements and tools I identify or perhaps build.
    • You will be available to evaluate and give feedback on how any tool I’ve created might be refined to more closely match how you work.
    • You do not require a fixed bid, and recognize that defining and delivering an appropriate solution is an iterative, interactive process that requires investment of both your time and financial resources.
    • You are able to identify what is important, set priorities and make decisions about what would be included or excluded when you begin to approach the limits of your budget.


    Do these represent your perspective? Are you ready?

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