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    FileMaker Pro Database Developer with broad technical and management experience.


    I provide an analysis of your core business systems and identify software tools to help you become more efficient and productive. When needed I build custom database applications using FileMaker Pro, the leading cross-platform productivity tool for organizations and work groups of up to 250 users.


    I have spent over 20 years working with small and medium sized businesses, nonprofit organizations, University and government. I have worked to build and improve systems and technology as an employee as well as a consultant, guiding efforts from both inside and outside the organization.


    I have fulfilled the following roles:


    • Director of Methodology - Strategic Digital Agency
    • Director of Operations - Online Learning Corporation
    • Information Systems Analyst - Office of the District Attorney
    • Business Manager - Internet Service Provider
    • Network Technician - California State University
    • Technical Support - University-based Critical Thinking Consortium
    • Personnel Manager,
    • Information Systems Manager,
    • Director of Administration - Natural Foods Manufacturer and Distributor
    • Computer Software Instructor - Media Advocate and Educator
    • Grant Writer - Nonprofit Housing Provider


    I am a certified Systems Analyst and have a Bachelors degree in 'Management of Nonprofit Organization.'

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    Michael L Braden, Oregon Sole Proprietor — 1/2016 - Present;

    Braden Enterprises Inc, San Anselmo, CA — 1/2011 - 12/2015;

    Michael Braden & Associates, San Anselmo, CA — 2/2001 - 12/2010




    • Perform systems analysis and design.
    • Develop FileMaker Pro based solutions for business.
    • Install and customize FileMaker applications, clients and server.
    • Build and upgrade FileMaker databases in the following business categories:
      • Professional training and certification
      • Educational and nonprofit organizations
      • Natural foods manufacturing
      • Medical manufacturing
      • Consumer product manufacturing
      • Publishing
      • Event management


    Database Programmer / Analyst, One World Partners, Sausalito, CA — 3/2006 - 1/2008

    Analyzed and rebuilt multiple registration databases for events ranging from 30 to 1500 participants. Databases collected all manner of information necessary to manage events for high-end conferences and incentives, including participant and guest business and personal information, air and ground travel arrangements, event activities and educational sessions, accommodation details, special status details, final email confirmations, billing and discount details, invitation lists, interface with online registration system, badging, etc. Acted as IT support back-up when IT manager was not available.


    Programmer/Systems Analyst, Monster Cable Products, Brisbane, CA — 10/2003 - 3/2006

    One of two FileMaker Application developers supporting 3 FileMaker application servers, 6 web companion servers, FileMaker 7 Server/Server Advanced - serving approximately 300 FileMaker files representing over 30 applications used in the training, travel, internet certification and marketing departments. Worked with FileMaker based web applications in CDML. Built interfaces to receive data into FileMaker from PeopleSoft applications. Performed analysis and documentation for new applications and updates to existing applications. Worked on adapting the PeopleSoft development process to the FileMaker environment. Participated on a team developing the tiered support system, and on a team developing a knowledge-base support system. Cross platform competent – Mac/PC


    Director of Methodology, ZADA: Strategic Digital Agency, Sausalito, CA — 7/2000 - 1/2001

    Charged with analyzing and improving procedures in all areas of operation. Assisted in evaluating and recommending new technology directions for the company. Attended sales presentations, wrote and evaluated project proposals, managed web and other development projects. Assisted with production, network troubleshooting, testing and quality assurance. Managed recruitment and hiring process. Contributed to weekly strategic planning meetings.

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    Director of Operations, Learn2.com - Online learning corporation, Sausalito, CA — 2/1998 - 6/2000

    Acquired by SeventhStreet.com/Learn.com, 5/99,

    Learn.com acquired by Taleo, 12/2010,

    Taleo acquired by Oracle, 4/2012


    Operations Management

    • Researched, recommend and procured computer hardware and software.
    • Participated in advertising for, interviewing, hiring and managing technical, administrative and production staff.
    • Created systems and implemented procedures and processes in various departments.
    • Performed collections for delinquent accounts.
    • Conducted research for business insurance upgrade.
    • Interfaced with Landlord and service vendors.


    Project Management

    • Managing Editor of Learn2.com website.
    • Project Manager/Producer for Peachpit Press web site development, managing process, conducting client meetings and coordinating creative and technical production.
    • Assisted Producers, VP of Client Development and production staff with the planning of numerous web development projects.
    • Researched, flow-charted and documented improvements to the project management process at Panmedia (Panmedia became Learn2.com).
    • Consulted on various web development projects, including: www.photosmart.com, www.learn2.com, www.thelen.com, www.mercer.com, www.diabloresearch.com, www.peachpit.com and many others.
    • Participated in client visits to determine needs, and in presentations to clients of specific technical aspects of projects we were conducting.


    Technical Management

    • Managed technical Staff of 5, including HTML, PHP, mySQL and Perl programmers.
    • Managed outside consultants and vendors for ethernet network design and installation, voice network, wireless LAN, Internet connectivity, DNS/email.
    • Planned agenda for technology summit involving three divisions from three states.
    • Drove the development of flow diagrams and requirements specifications for numerous projects.
    • Evaluated and set goals for technical staff at annual reviews.


    Facilities Management

    • Researched, selected and interfaced with vendors and property manager for various services, including: phone, security, building improvements/maintenance, etc.
    • Coordinated/approved acquisition of supplies, office equipment, and services.
    • Facilitated all aspects of the expansion to additional facilities.


    Web server setup and administration - Photosmart.com

    • Specified server hardware and software.
    • Installed and configured Windows NT 4 server software.
    • Managed IIS 3 security/user configuration.
    • Installed and configured Webtrends site traffic monitoring.
    • Installed and configured Infoseek Search engine.
    • Managed server across Internet with PC Anywhere remote access.
    • Researched and recommended server co-location facility for Photosmart server.


    Internet connectivity research, recommendation and implementation for internal network

    • Researched and recommended provider for T-1 Internet connectivity.
    • Coordinated Installation of T-1 with ISP and phone company.
    • Researched, recommended, and installed router and CSU/DSU hardware connecting internal network to internet.
    • Configured internal workstations and servers for TCP/IP access to Internet, including DNS server and list servers. Coordinated with external consultant for set-up of in-house email server on FreeBSD system.
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    Director of Operations, Learn2.com (continued)


    Internal data/voice network research and implementation

    • Recommended and implemented network infrastructure improvements.
    • Recommended capacities and assisted with installation of data and voice network in new location (worked over 100 night/evening hours beyond regular schedule).
    • Selected and configured switch hardware for 10/100 ethernet network.
    • Set up and monitored backup for workstations on internal network.
    • Add, configure and troubleshoot phone, internal file sharing, Internet access, modem and fax communications for workstations.
    • Managed voice-mail and Panasonic DBS phone system, including punch-down of new stations, hardware procurement, adding/deleting voice mailboxes, and interfacing with vendor • Set-up, configured and maintained Macintosh file sharing on Windows, Mac and NT servers. • Set-up and configured web server for intranet.


    Information Systems Analyst, County of Marin - Office of the District Attorney, San Rafael, CA — 2/1997 - 2/1998

    • Assisted in the transition of a 100+ -node network from thin net to 10/100 base T.
    • Documented emergency reset procedures for 12 servers, including NT/Lotus Notes, ccMail, Mac file server, fax server, etc.
    • Installed hardware and software and helped diagnose and alleviate network problems for 100 staff.
    • Provided end user troubleshooting assistance and training.
    • Spearheaded development of a web presence for the Office of the DA.


    Business/Operations Manager, North Bay Network - internet service provider, San Rafael, CA— 2/1994 - 11/1996

    (acquired by Best Internet Communications, 7/96)

    • Played a key role in successfully managing growth prior to acquisition by Best.
    • Developed administrative systems/materials and trained staff for dial-up sales, customer support, accounting and billing.
    • Managed a team of technicians, artists, and content providers to establish an effective web site for the company.
    • Successfully represented the company at trade shows, community events, client negotiations, and public presentations.
    • Provided sales and customer support for business level products, including: point-to-point, T-1, frame relay, ISDN, domain registration, email and web hosting services.


    Network Technician, Sonoma State University, Cotati, CA — 1993 - 1994

    • Provided end-user support for over 1,000 PC/Mac users.
    • Installed network access hardware and software for PC/Mac platforms.
    • Installed Ethernet cabling to extend high capacity network to sections of campus.


    Network Consultant, MicroDesign Resources, Sebastopol, CA — 4/1993 - 12/1993

    • Managed network server for email, file sharing, backup and calendar.
    • Troubleshoot network related hardware and software problems.
    • Installed hardware and software and trained staff in appropriate use.
    • Developed documentation for file-sharing, backup, and other network services. • Performed maintenance and report programming of multi-user database.


    Technical Support, Center for Critical Thinking, Rohnert Park, CA — 1992 - 1993

    • Provided technical support and training involving publishing and Internet access.
    • Maintained hardware and software, including communications and remote access strategies between several remote sites.
    • Developed multi-user database for scheduling annual conference presenters.
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    Information Systems Manager / Director of Administration / Personnel Manager

    Wildwood Natural Foods, Fairfax, CA — 1987 - 1992


    Information Systems Manager

    • Managed Macintosh, Apple III and Xenix systems.
    • Performed needs analysis, purchasing, installation, maintenance, and staff training for all
    • computer systems.
    • Analyzed current operations to improve efficiency and evaluate automation possibilities, including relational database management software and hardware to automate the entire company.
    • Evaluated and improved automation of invoicing systems, supporting growth in sales from $20,000 per week to over $100,000 per week.
    • Developed database applications for payroll, operations, accounting and other departments.


    Director of Administration/Personnel.

    • Performed personnel management functions (benefits administration, unemployment claims,
    • workers compensation administration, etc.) for over 100 employees.
    • Interviewed, processed and hired employees for multiple departments.
    • Performed cash flow and accounts payable analysis and management.
    • Developed employee orientation manual.




    Computer Instructor, Media Alliance, San Francisco, CA — 1989 - 1995

    • Developed course materials and delivered basic to advanced courses in the Macintosh operating system, trouble-shooting and maintenance, spread-sheet (Excel), database (FileMaker Pro), word processing (Microsoft Word), graphics (Mac Draw/Paint) and desktop publishing (Quark XPress).
    • Consistently received high evaluations from participants, particularly noting commanding knowledge of applications, patience, and ability to clearly communicate technical information.


    Principal / Consultant, MBA Services, San Anselmo, CA — 7/1986 - 2/1998

    • Consultant to businesses and individuals in the areas of network administration, Internet access, office automation, database development and desktop publishing.
    • Recommended, installed and configured hardware and software.
    • Managed bulk mailings, newsletters, flyers, and advertising projects.
  • Education / certification / affiliations




    World College West — BA, Management of Nonprofit Organization, 1986

    (Records held in Sonoma State University archives)





    University of California, Berkeley - University Extension - Certificate in Computer Information Systems: Analysis, Design, and Management, 2001 - Awarded with Distinction





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