• About the FileMaker® Pro family of products


    In the realm of database technology products, FileMaker® is a uniquely positioned company. Developing products exhibiting the elegant usability of those of it’s parent company, Apple Computer, FileMaker® offers a platform of complementary database creation tools which focus on ease of use, accessibility to the skill sets of a broad range of knowledge workers, and ever expanding power to implement complex requirements quickly and efficiently. In addition to integration of several industry standard technologies, FileMaker® database products are augmented by 3rd party extensions, and offer connectivity to technologies that enhance interoperability with external systems, utilizing industry standard connective options such as ODBC, SQL, cURL and others.


    The FileMaker® Pro Product line supports Windows and Macintosh, as well as devices running Apple's iOS, and has Server software that supports implementations of all of the above across local and wide-area networks, as well as web browser access to FileMaker database files served to the local area network or Internet. A FileMaker Server option is also available on Amazon's Web Services (AWS) Platform.


    Please visit FileMaker's website and I think you'll begin to understand why this is my database creation tool box of choice. Then, circle back and let's discuss your needs:






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  • FileMaker® Pro on the desktop

    FileMaker® Pro 17, FileMaker's current release of their product line, combines both 'user' and 'developer' functionality in it's FileMaker Pro Advanced client version, compatible with Macintosh and Windows computers.  This desktop tool allows you to create and update FileMaker Pro databases, which function on individual workstations as well as on  FileMaker's Server software.




    FileMaker Pro Advanced link:





  • The FileMaker® Pro server environment

    The FileMaker® Pro Server environment runs on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems/hardware, and has a variant called FileMaker Cloud available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. FileMaker Server serves the same, appropriately customized FileMaker files to Windows, Mac and iOS clients as well as to select web browsers via their Filemaker WebDirect technology.



    FileMaker Server link:





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    Filemaker WebDirect link:





  • FileMaker Go® for iOS devices


    FileMaker Go®, a free download from the App Store, extends the power of FileMaker® Pro databases to the iPhone and iPad, leveraging the portability this platform affords in support of your operations. With FileMaker Go®, you can run a FileMaker® Pro database directly on your iOS device, or via FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud over WiFi or your cellular network.


    FileMaker Go® link:





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